Modular Electronic Tri-axis Transfers


    The new modular transfer generation from Schuler is a high-performance adjunct for presses used in sheet metal forming. Designed in three basic sizes, this transfer system covers a wide range of applications. All three transfers owe their significantly improved transfer rates to the new automation using direct-drive feeding with high-speed servo drives.

    Schuler Pro Trans
    With its three levels of automation "L" (Light), "M" (Medium) and "H" (Heavy) the Schuler Pro Trans lines cover light, medium and heavy part weights and stroke rates. Throughout, the Schuler Pro Trans follows modular design principles. Performance and capacity can be scaled up or down as required; it is easily adaptable to a variety of applications. It's modular design also offers a variety of mounting options into the press system.

    Schuler Power Trans
    With the Schuler Power Trans and automation level "S" (Servo), Schuler offers a high-end transfer solution for high-performance presses. With its use, production rates can be increased to even higher levels, up to 30 percent more can be achieved. This increased performance is achieved specifically by means of newly developed carbon-fiber rails with the functionality of aluminum-profiles. The rails are very light and very rigid and, thus, perform with extremely low-vibration.

    Schuler Intra Trans
    The Schuler Intra Trans can be equipped with all automation levels, from “L” (Light) to “S” (Speed), and is thus suitable for use in conventional presses as well as high-speed presses. The transfer rails of the Intra Trans do not work through the press window but are mounted between the press uprights. By using this compact transfer system, the same transfer press can be used to produce larger parts. The new transfer solution is also a genuine alternative to progressive die manufacturing.

    Your advantages

    • retrofit installation is independent of the press
    • optimal adaptability to a wide variety of applications
    • greater throughput performance thanks to the direct drive
    • reduced changeover times
    • more free space available for mounting of components for material feeding and material supply


    Direct drive feed of the tri-axis transfer
    Blanking and forming press PSE2-630 with servo drive, equipped with a tri-axis transfer (model AT3 in “light” design with an externally mounted gripper box).

    Transfer systems of Schuler

    In the area of transfer systems, you are safe with Schuler: Schuler automation solutions offer reliable production processes at economic conditions for all requirements.

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