Battery Cell Technology

    Leading into tomorrows battery design

    Schuler is active in national and international R&D programs leading to higher energy density of batteries and more efficient battery manufacture. We are looking across the supply chain to create synergies between manufacturers of cells, modules, batteries, cars and storage systems.

    At Schuler, we believe we need to work today in multidisciplinary teams on tomorrow’s battery design so we can sell machines and toolings which enable our customers to produce the batteries of the future. Our principle is one face to the customer for all questions concerning the growing battery and energy storage market.

    Application of the batteries for:

    • Automotive
    • Electric vehicles, BEV, PHE V
    • Computer and electronics
    • Energy storage systems

    Schuler supplies machines for making cell cases for:

    • Zinc-carbon batteries
    • ‚NiCd, NiMH
    • ‚Li-ion batteries

    All cases made with Schuler machines are hard metal cases to maintain maximum safety and optimum heat transfer.

    They can be either:

    • Cylindrical cell
    • Prismatic cell

    Business activities


    Schuler Battery Case Manufacturing