Our aspiration: Best in Class

    Schuler is a globally recognized brand. But we can’t afford to stop there. That’s why we’ve redefined our own standards in terms of the employee traits we consider critical to our success, as well as the actual value proposition we want to make to our customers. The next step for all of us is to put the results of this decision-making process into practice.

    Our aspiration: Best in Class

    Schuler is an appealing employer for competent and dedicated employees. They are our most important asset and a decisive factor in our market success. The diversity of our workforce is Schuler’s strength. At the same time, we have identified the personal skills and qualities that are especially critical to our joint success: a focus on the customer, interdisciplinary teamwork, an efficiency-driven approach, responsibility, a willingness to embrace change, leadership, and an entrepreneurial mentality. These are Schuler’s keys to success.

    Our corporate values

    Diversity is strength at Schuler. We aren’t looking for a workforce of interchangeable employees, but we have identified the personal skills that are especially critical to our success: customer focus, group-wide cooperation, efficiency orientation, taking responsibility, ability to change, leadership, and entrepreneurship. These are Schuler’s Success Factors.

    Corporate Values

    Whether or not our interactions with customers and business partners will be successful depends on a number of different factors. Four criteria have tremendous importance for us.

    Willingness to embrace change

    We explore new approaches, are open to collaborations and networks, and drive innovative ideas.

    Global presence

    We are present wherever our customers and markets are located. We take advantage of local value creation whenever it is worthwhile.


    We want our products, processes and services to give our customers the certainty that they can concentrate fully on their own success.

    Market-oriented approach:

    We know that we can only be successful if our services meet the needs of our customers.

    Our promise: Forming the Future

    Our mission is to stay ahead of the curve in the field of forming technology. This pushes us to keep moving, giving our customers the confidence that, with us, they can successfully shape the future of their business.

    These are Schuler’s corporate values by which you can assess us.

    Commitment to the guiding principles

    “The Schuler brand is highly respected. This is thanks to the excellent technological expertise of our employees and the high quality of our products and solutions. Equally as important is the way in which Schuler cooperates with its customers, business partners and workforce. We have grouped these guidelines for our day-to-day business operations together as part of the Schuler Guiding Principles. We thank you for your interest and welcome your feedback.”

    Domenico Iacovelli - CEO