ECOFORM Sustainable Forming Solutions

    Energy-efficient and economical forming

    Schuler is moving ahead. With the development of technologies that enable our customers to produce with energy and resource efficiency, at the same time as improving productivity. Its name reveals what it does: ECOFORM.

    As a pioneer, Schuler is laying the foundations for the press shop of the future with the ECOFORM sustainability program. With ECOFORM we are improving assemblies, system solutions, and forming processes in terms of energy. This is because ECOFORM is a groundbreaking program that combines innovation, sustainability and efficiency in an ideal way. And the future has already started: The first specific applications are already impressing our customers.

    Schuler ECOFORM offers

    • Energy analysis in the press shop. Measuring the energy requirement, evaluating the result and the actual performance enables us to establish your potential cost savings.
    • Use of energy-efficient components. We rely on new components with maximum saving potential that increase efficiency. Individual components and assemblies are replaced by energy-optimized components.
    • Innovative system solutions. Optimized provision of drive power according to demand by implementing solutions across system and process boundaries – such as intelligent energy recovery and start/stop and standby systems.
    • Intelligent control solutions. 24/7 monitoring by innovative measuring systems and live evaluation as well as data and software solutions for energy-optimized processes.
    • Practical consulting. Consulting on the basis of extensive economic efficiency analyses and recommendation of alternative processes, solutions or possible funding programs.

    Specific energy cost savings. Practical examples of ECOFORM.

    • Saving up to 60% by EHF (Efficient Hydraulic Forming) compared to conventional hydraulic presses in sheet metal forming and forging. Automatic in all processes and in any operating mode.
    • Saving 50% in servo press lines of the latest generation compared to conventional mechanical high-speed press lines by Schuler Smart DC grid, speed-controlled drive systems with energy recovery capability, intelligent standby and intermittent switching as well as energy efficient units (e.g. bolster cushion).
    • Saving 50% in the new MSC 2000 automatic blanking press compared to conventional automatic blanking presses by an innovative drive with two electrically coupled, user programmable connection points without gear unit.
    • Saving 50% when using the new Crossbar Robot 4.0 compared to conventional industrial robots through intelligent energy management with integrated energy recovery and weight reduction.
    • Saving 20% when forging with the new linear hammer with servo drive compared to a conventional hammer. High saving potentials with Schuler Service retrofit solutions.