Basic principles of hydroforming

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    Internal high-pressure forming (hydroforming) is a methodology for the manufacture of hollow metal components - a process that has grown enormously since the mid-1990s. There are numerous applications for customers in both the automotive and the non-automotive sectors.
    In hydroforming, tube and pre-forms are expanded from the inside out by means of a liquid working medium in a closed die. This method makes it possible to manufacture hollow components with a complex external shape and especially favorable strength properties.
    As a systems supplier with customers all over the world, Schuler supports users in the hydroforming field with a wide range of products and services. These range from initial feasibility studies to the manufacture of prototypes and volume production up to the delivery of complete turnkey manufacturing systems.
    In addition to the Schuler SMG plant in Waghäusel, Germany, Schuler Incorporated in Detroit is another valuble resource for all matters relating to hydroforming. Thus, North American (NAFTA) customers can be assured of on-site support -- especially during the engineering and prototyping phase of any project. This enhances Schuler's role a major supplier of hydroformed components in high demand worldwide.

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