BMW: Volume production of front cross members


    In the construction of automobiles, the goal is to increased safety and more comfort and at the same time, less fuel consumption - these criteria's are more important than ever. For companies that supply forming technology this means producting auto body components that are lighter but also stronger. The use of hydroforming is one important way to target and achieve these goals.

    Schuler delivered a hydroforming manufacturing line to BMW for volume production of front cross members in which hydroforming and laser technology proved to be the perfect combination. Schuler supplied the complete turnkey production line - from bending of the tubes to pre-forming by interior high pressure, part washing and intermediate annealing, the hydroforming technology and trimming of the ends of the components by laser.


    Laser trimming around the ends of a fix-mounted hydroformed component.
    Simultaneous laser processing of both ends of chassis cross member manufactured by hydroforming.