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    New Member of the Schuler Group

    Schuler to develop into systems supplier for large-scale battery cell manufacturing

    On the right track.
    System solutions for the railway industry.
    A dense, high-capacity railway network is bringing people together all over the world. Once on the move, they rely upon the technology to function properly. Whether railway wheels, rail ends, switches or chassis screw connections for high-speed trains, Schuler provides comprehensive technical expertise in forming technology to make sure that everything runs smoothly.
    Reach new heights with Schuler.
    Forming technologies for the aerospace industry.
    You're flying at 36,000 feet and mach 0.85. Outside, it's -50 °C. But you don't notice any of this. Modern jet engines definitely contribute to this. Light and sturdy components made from the latest high-performance materials on Schuler equipment have long since been at home in the aerospace industry. In aircraft, rockets or satellites, in applications such as precise turbine blades or large fuselage members.
    Driving the future with Schuler.
    System solutions for the automobile industry.
    The world is becoming more and more mobile. Nowadays, it is easier than ever to get from point A to point B. Quickly. In comfort and safety. With performance and style.
    With energy efficient cars. Thanks to new materials that make vehicles lighter and safer. With Schuler, you can put the solutions of the future onto the road. As a global leader in forming technology, we deliver systems, tooling, process expertise and services for the entire automotive industry.
    Tackling the future with cutting edge technology.
    System solutions for the automotive components industry.
    Great designs. Quality components for the chassis, engine and bodywork not only make cars look attractive, they also guarantee safety and comfort.
    Schuler is the world's leading manufacturer of systems for sheet metal forming. Whether automated mechanical or hydraulic system solutions - our machines enable you to produce a wide range of parts flexibly and efficiently, with the best quality. With innovations such as ServoDirect Technology.
    Stylish designs for the kitchen, bathroom and living room.
    System solutions for the domestic appliance industry.
    Whether it is radiators, heat exchangers, shower trays or sink basins made from stainless steel: design and variety are becoming more and more important in the domestic appliance industry. Presses and automation systems from Schuler give you the necessary flexibility and efficiency. In this way, you can win over customers with high-quality sheet metal parts – in form and function.
    Experience that pays off.
    System solutions for minting technology.
    Schuler supports minting technology with innovative developments and numerous patents. For example, at the turn of the 19th Century, it was possible to produce up to 60 coins per minute on Schuler presses – an astonishing achievement for the time. Today, high-performance machines from Schuler achieve performance levels of up to 850 coins per minute. Our customer-focused practical research and development is continuously improving the efficiency of our machines.
    A better future with new energy.
    System solutions for producing electric motor laminations.
    The automobile of the future will be driven by electric motors, the rotor and stator plates of which will have been produced on Schuler machines.
    Rely on Schuler: our blanking machines, high-speed presses and notching presses offer you tailor-made system solutions for manufacturing electric motor laminations.
    Many possibilities, one solution.
    Forming technologies for industrial applications.
    Nowadays, sheet metalforming and forging are key technologies involved in many industrial applications. As a world leader in the technology of forming technology, Schuler supplies innovative press and automation solutions, dies, process expertise and first-class service for these applications.


    12/07/2022 | Trade Fair / Event Battery Show Digital Days 2022

    Taking place over two days this December 7-8, 2022, The Battery Show & EV Tech Digital Days is the most comprehensive virtual event for the advanced battery manufacturing and EV/HEV technology communities. Hosted within the Map Your Show virtual event platform, The Battery Show & EV Tech Digital Days features an enhanced conference program with live and on-demand webinars featuring high quality speakers, exhibitor ‘booths’ with easy-to-find products and services, and networking offerings in a smart event engagement platform.

    Schuler offers customized cutting-edge technology in all areas of forming—from the networked press to press shop planning. In addition to presses, Schuler’s products include automation, dies, process know-how, and service for the entire metalworking industry. Schuler's Digital Suite brings together solutions for networking forming technology and is continuously being developed to further improve line productivity and availability. Schuler customers include automotive manufacturers and suppliers, as well as companies in the forging, household appliance, and electrical industries. Schuler presses are minting coins for more than 180 countries. Founded in 1839 at the Göppingen, Germany headquarters, Schuler has approximately 5,000 employees at production sites in Europe, China, and the Americas, as well as service companies in more than 40 countries. The company is part of the international technology group ANDRITZ.

    Hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe, is an energy carrier that can be produced from a variety of sources - such as renewable biomass and intermittent solar, wind and hydro energies. This versatility enables hydrogen the potential to become a central integrating element, alongside electricity, in the future decentralized energy systems.

    FCVC 2022 will be held in December 2022 at the Shanghai Automotive Exhibition & Convention Centre. This year's event will continue its international, authoritative, professional and forward-looking character to promote the development of the hydrogen and fuel cell vehicle industry.

    Schuler booth: Welcome to the German pavilion at booth No.B01-5. As a manufacturer of leading technologies in all areas of forming technology, Schuler offers systems for the mass production of metal bipolar plates for fuel cells.

    The knuckle-joint press based on the Triton series for the BPL 25 and BPL 50 variants has been specially adapted to the requirements for the manufacture of bipolar plates by forming, for example to minimize the deflection of the bed and slide.

    The BPL flex variant is based on a hydraulic press and is especially suitable for large-format bipolar plates or separator plates for electrolyzers.

    02/02/2023 | Trade Fair / Event World Money Fair - 19th Technical Forum 2023

    The 19th Technical Forum will be held on the eve of the World Money Fair 2023. With numerous technical presentations from the industry as well as from mints, this conference is one of the most important industry events.

    02/03/2023 | Trade Fair / Event World Money Fair 2023

    Visitors to the World Money Fair will be able to find out more about Schuler's product range in the field of coin minting technology from February 03-05, 2022. The event is regarded as the most important coin fair where innovations and trends in the industry are presented.

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