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    About us
    Schuler Presses UK

    Schuler Presses UK is the largest company servicing the pressing industry in the UK and offers comprehensive services for mechanical and hydraulic presses made by Schuler and many other. The brands: Schuler, Mueller-Weingarten, Clearing International, Verson Wilkins, Wilkins & Mitchell, Bronx, Clearing, Bliss, Niagara, Spiertz, Beche, SMG, GMG, Hydrap, Schaefer, Schleicher, Erfurt, Eitel and Beutler.


    Service Highlights - Schuler Presses UK

    Reliable product technology and comprehensive support – that’s what technical service from Schuler stands for. Our team of experienced and specialized service technicians react quickly to any problems with your equipment and support you on your goals for improved productivity and uptime.
    No one is equipped to service your torc-pac clutch better than Schuler Presses UK. We have devised three clutch maintenance programs to forestall your torc-pac equipped press from a lengthy shutdown.

    In either of these programs, we can act as your inventory and source for all your torc-pac clutch units, service and replacement parts through our UK headquarters.
    Schuler Presses UK are at present handling between 15 and 20 Clearing, Wilkins & Mitchell clutch and brake refurbishments per year. These refurbishments range from straight forward re-seal and parts replacement to full strip down and inspection with all parts and assemblies reworked back to original as new specification.
    We are here for you as a leader in this field. We improve the production performance of a wide variety of equipment and support our customers through all phases of the project.

    Solutions by industry

    Drives & Generators
    Tier 1-3
    Reach new heights with Schuler.
    Light and sturdy components made from the latest high-performance materials on Schuler equipment have long since been at home in the aerospace industry. In aircraft, rockets or satellites, in applications such as precise turbine blades or large fuselage members.
    On the right track.
    Whether railway wheels, rail ends, switches or chassis screw connections for high-speed trains, Schuler provides comprehensive technical expertise in forming technology to make sure that everything runs smoothly.
    Driving the future with Schuler.
    The world is becoming more and more mobile. With Schuler, you can put the solutions of the future onto the road. As a global leader in forming technology, we deliver systems, tooling, process expertise and services for the entire automotive industry.
    Stylish designs for the kitchen, bathroom and living room.
    Whether it is radiators, heat exchangers, shower trays or sink basins made from stainless steel: design and variety are becoming more and more important in the domestic appliance industry. Presses and automation systems from Schuler give you the necessary flexibility and efficiency. In this way, you can win over customers with high-quality sheet metal parts – in form and function.
    A better future with new energy.
    The automobile of the future will be driven by electric motors, the rotor and stator plates of which will have been produced on Schuler machines. Our customers benefit from long die life, reduced unit costs and a consistently high product quality.
    Experience that pays off.
    Schuler supports minting technology with innovative developments and numerous patents. Our customer-focused practical research and development is continuously improving the efficiency of our machines.
    Tackling the future with cutting edge technology.
    Schuler is the world's leading manufacturer of systems for sheet metal forming. Whether automated mechanical or hydraulic system solutions - our machines enable you to produce a wide range of parts flexibly and efficiently, with the best quality.