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    Automation Technology

    Performance along the line.

    From the individual press to the complete press line, we are a system supplier. We automate our forming lines with intelligence and an eye to practical utility. In this way, we boost the performance of your production efficiently and economically. Whether it comes to a broad portfolio of parts, high productivity or the need for compact space, our automation solutions win over customers with high efficiency and reliable production processes. Also, when it comes to modernizing existing lines, we offer tried-and-tested practical solutions for efficient production of components in the highest quality. With the development of ground-breaking automation, Schuler provides innovations time and time again which you can use today to achieve the process standard of tomorrow. The result: optimum productivity and quality that you can be proud of.

    Automation solutions from Schuler deliver proven performance for all aspects of forming technology:

    • Metalforming with individual presses or press lines
    • Blank manufacture
    • Cold, warm and hot forging
    • Press hardening systems
    • Internal high-pressure forming
    • Manufacturing magnetic steel laminations
    • Manufacturing tubes and cans
    • Processing fibre-reinforced plastics with hydraulic press systems

    Business activities


    • Blankloaders for single presses
    • Coil feeding lines
    • Coil processing
    • Tri-axis transfer


    • Blankloaders for press lines
    • Blank washers and lubrication units
    • Robots
    • Crossbar Robots
    • Crossbar Feeder
    • Finished part stacking units


    • Automation solutions for forging


    • Press blanking lines
    • Laser blanking lines
    • Blanking lines with cut-to-length shear