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    The Corporate History of the Schuler Group

    1839 Establishment of the company by Louis Schuler
    1852 Schuler, impressed by the World Exhibition of 1851 in London, begins construction of machine tools for sheet metal processing.
    1879 Schuler introduces the world's first eccentric and drawing presses with mechanical drive
    1884 Establishment of an in-house foundry
    1895 Delivery of the first minting press to China
    1900 Schuler introduces the world's first transfer press at the World Exhibition in Paris
    1924 Delivery of the first auto body panel press for mass production
    1947 Addition of tool & die manufacturing to press building
    1961 Beginning of the company internationalization
    1983 Start-up of the first large panel transfer press
    1990 Schuler introduces the first large penal transfer press with crossbar transfer to the market
    1999 Listing of Schuler AG as publicy traded company and entry into field of laser technology
    2003 Start-up of the world's first Compact Crossbar transfer press
    2007 Acquisition of Müller Weingarten AG and market introduction of a product line featuring ServoDirect technology
    2008 Conversion of preferred shares into common shares
    2009 Commissioning of the world’s first press line with ServoDirect technology
    2011 Schuler grows together: Merger of Schuler Pressen GmbH & Co. KG and Müller Weingarten AG into Schuler Pressen GmbH