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    Purchase, sale and brokering of used machinery and coil lines

    Find and buy the second-hand machinery you need. Sell the used machines you don’t. All while benefitting from our expertise as a forming technology manufacturer.

    In addition to a huge selection of fully refurbished press and coil lines, Schuler also offers niche products in the electrical steel, packaging and forging industries—straight from the manufacturer. If you’ve located the used machine you want or are looking to find a buyer for your surplus machinery, our knowledgeable experts are available around the globe to assist you with your individual project.

    Used systems from Schuler offer the benefit of lower investment costs combined with the advantage of rapid availability. This allows customers to respond quickly to changing conditions in the marketplace. Together with our subsidiary Vögtle Pressen, we maintain an inventory of over 400 mechanical and hydraulic machines and different press types, all in stock and ready for you. Start your search today! (only available in English)

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    Buying second-hand machinery can be an economical alternative to purchasing new equipment, but used machinery transactions are a matter of trust. Put your trust in Schuler, where you’ll get the best in quality combined with a global service network and huge inventory of used press, coil lines, and automation systems and components.

    Buying used from Schuler means:

    • Needs-based purchase advice
    • Disassembly and reassembly of your existing systems
    • Modernization included as needed
    • Manufacturer expertise, original spare parts and drawings
    • Handling of all logistics with short delivery times
    • Continued service and support after purchase

    Looking to sell your used machine to make room for new technology in your press shop? Then Schuler is the right place for you. We’ll make you an offer and purchase your system ourselves—no matter who manufactured the machine. And we’ll take care of every detail along the way.

    Selling used to Schuler means:

    • Appraisals of your used machinery’s residual value
    • Estimates of disassembly costs
    • Logistics managed by Schuler
    • Storage in an existing Schuler warehouse handled by us

    While you continue to produce parts on your existing system, we’ll find the right buyer. Schuler will act as your broker and handle the entire sale process for you, which means that you can keep on making money and meeting customer deadlines without any decreases in output.

    Finding customers through Schuler means:

    • Appraisals and fair market pricing
    • Preparation of machinery profiles
    • Searching for suitable buyers (brokering activities)
    • Marketing and sale of your used systems from your location
    • Sale process handled by Schuler as an all-in-one, hassle-free package

    It took the experts from Schuler Service just four weeks to install the press line after arriving on site in Pithampur. This suburb of the city Indore, located roughly 500 kilometers northwest of Mumbai and also known as the Detroit of India, is where our customer produces heavy commercial vehicles. In addition to playing an active supporting role in the production of structural and body shell parts, the press line from Schuler is now also yielding substantial improvements in quality and productivity—despite its ripe old age of 30 years.

    The used press line consists of one 800-ton press (front) and four 600-ton presses (back)

    Another highlight of the press line is that it was able to be delivered very quickly, with commissioning starting just a few short months after the order was placed. The line consists of five individual press installed in a row. The machines had previously been scattered across the locations of two German auto manufacturers. Four of them have a press force of 630 tons, while the lead press delivers 800 tons.

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    Vögtle Pressen, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Schuler Group, maintains an extensive inventory of machinery with a wide range of different makes and models. Together, we combine the advantages of an independent dealer with the know-how of a global manufacturer.

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    Success story

    See how Schondelmaier was able to increase capacity and secure an additional order thanks to the rapid availability of a used forging press (video in English).