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    Minting Technology

    All-around excellence.

    New standards for the industry. High-performance systems from Schuler notably improve the production process in minting technology. With outputs of up to 850 coins per minute, these machines optimize your productivity and – it goes without saying – achieve the quality you are accustomed to receiving from us.

    Thanks to our broad range of products, we have the right equipment to meet your requirements. Not only tailor-made blanking lines and coin embossing presses, but also edge lettering and edge rimming machines. As a complete system partner, Schuler also offers extensive additional services ranging from coin design through to equipment for checking, counting and packaging the coins as well as security systems and recycling.
    As a full service supplier, we offer our customers single presses as well as complete turn-key systems with complete coin and medallion manufacturing technology and expertise.

    We meet challenges with innovative new developments – such as the launch of the Euro with an inscription around the edge of bi-metallic coins. Alongside this, we hold numerous patents such as the link drive system, which are the result of our customer-oriented research and development.

    Business activities


    • High-speed blanking presses
    • Roll feed


    • Coin edge lettering and rimming machine
    • High-performance rimming machine
    • Coin blank testing unit


    • Bi-metal presses
    • Horizontal coin minting presses
    • Vertical coin minting presses


    • Systems capabilities