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    Reliable service for your torc-pac clutch.
    Stop with the loss of power press production.

    Downtime of a stamping press can seriously curtail production by as much as several days or more. In lost profits, the amount can be staggering. While the Clearing torc-pac clutch is considered among the most reliable in the metal forming industry, it can because of the nature of the work, poor maintenance procedures, or other factors operate poorly, and stop with the subsequent loss of power press production.
    No one is equipped to service your torc-pac clutch better than Schuler Presses UK. We have devised three clutch maintenance programs to forestall your torc-pac equipped press from a lengthy shutdown.
    In either of these programs, we can act as your inventory and source for all your torc-pac clutch units, service and replacement parts through our UK headquarters.

    Our Mainenance programs

    Level 1. The torc-pac is returned to Schuler Presses UK for a test run. A "Running Report" is provided. No parts are included.

    Level 2. This is intended for a torc-pac which has oil / air leak problems.

    Level 3. This is for a torc-pac which does not require a service exchange, but requires a more thorough overhaul.