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    Stamping & Cutting Technology

    At home in every industry.

    Stamping and cutting systems from Schuler are used successfully in a very wide range of industries. They permit sheet metal parts to be produced flexibly and economically with the best quality, and overcome challenges such as large part quantities, complicated part geometries and processing high-strength materials. The breadth of our product range for economical series production of high-quality components is matched only by the requirements that exist in the various industries. Whether C-frame presses, automatic blanking presses, knuckle-joint presses, servo presses or conventional mechanical transfer/ProgDie presses – together, we can find the right solution for your success.

    This is where we are at home:

    • Automotive, commercial vehicle and components industries
    • Electrical and electronics industry
    • Construction ancillaries
    • Domestic appliance industry
    • Furniture industry
    • Packaging industry
    • Medical technology

    Business activities


    • C-BASEline presses
    • C-FLEXline presses


    • Stamping presses
    • Stamping presses with servo drive
    • High-speed stamping presses


    • Stamping presses with servo drive
    • Servo presses in monoblock design
    • Servo presses in tie rod design
    • Presses with TwinServo Technology


    • Efficiency along the line
    • Training and workshops
    • Software solutions


    • Knuckle-joint presses
    • Knuckle-joint presses for high-precision disks
    • Knuckle-joint presses for radiator panels


    • Coil feeding lines
    • Coil processing
    • Blankloaders for single presses
    • Tri-axis transfer


    • Special-application presses for aluminum forming