Plant Photo of Schuler Automation in Hessdorf, Germany

    Schuler Pressen GmbH Hessdorf, Germany

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    Schuler Pressen GmbH
    Louis-Schuler-Straße 1
    91093 Heßdorf

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    Benjamin Fürst, Dr. Peter Jost, Thomas Kamphausen, Klaus Linnig, Torsten Petrick


    Production site for automation components as well as blanking lines

    Core competencies

    Schuler Pressen in Heßdorf builds advanced machines and lines for both sheet metal processing (steel and light alloy sheet) and for automation and transport tasks on the production line.  Customers include the automobile industry and their suppliers, the electric motor and appliance industries.  
    The product spectrum ranges from decoilers, roller straighteners, coil welding machines, high-performance roll feeds and cut-to-length lines – either as stand-alone equipment or as dies in blanking presses. The product line also includes stacking equipment for blanks as well as high-speed NC transfers with advanced Motion Control Systems for all press models in current use. The best-selling products of Schuler Pressen are Laser Blanking - and feeding lines for the automobile- and supplier industry. Since 2013, these powerful and high quality constructions were completed to an innovative laser-cutting with the DynamicFlow technology. Automation equipment and process technology for the massive forming, thick belt conveyer, equipment for the stamp- and pull technology, as well as entire profiling lines complete the product portfolio. 
    In addition to its customers in the automobile industry Schuler Pressen in Heßdorf also equips a large number of sheet metal processing companies with automation solutions. These include steel service centers, companies involved in thin sheet processing and the manufacturers of coins. The service department of Schuler Pressen services its own equipment and that of other manufacturers, supports customers in process optimization, offers preventive maintenance and repairs for entire sectors of the metalworking industry, engineers and delivers modernization and rebuilding of complete production lines.