Coil processing with Power Feed


    Schuler has managed to further shorten coil processing automation times, especially for high-speed presses, with its new roll feed called Power Feed. The system has more speed and precision due to servo-direct drives and maintenance-free planetary gearing with minimal play. Even over long term, this unit can ensure system precision of +/- 0.05 mm.
    The Schuler Power Feed is subdivided into different weight categories depending on mass of the material to be moved: "L" (light) for up to 100 kg movable mass, "M" (medium) for up to 180 kg movable mass or "H" (heavy) for up to 300 kg movable mass.
    The performance of the roll feed is flexibly structured. Customers, for example, who decide on the “SP” (Standard Performance level up to 15 m/s2) for their current needs can, at a later date, upgrade to a more powerful Performance Package. Available retrofit upgrades include “HP” (High Performance level up to 35 m/s2) and “EHP” (Extra High Performance level up to 45 m/s2). In this way you stay flexible and can react quickly to all demands with only a modest investment.

    Your advantages

    • can be integrated with all press types
    • ideally suited for use in high-speed processing
    • system precision of +/- 0.05 mm
    • models in varying weight and perfomance categories
    • short delivery times
    • low maintenance costs
    • flexibility in retrofit/upgrades


    Schuler Power Feed