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    Stamping presses with servo drive


    The new generation of ServoDirect Technology is a big plus in cost-effectiveness for stamping presses. The innovative drive concept enables flexible adaptation to every conceivable die functions and forming processes. Stamping presses with servo drive are available with 1,000 kN and 2,000 kN.

    Your advantages

    • Fast and flexible adjustment of the slide movement to the workpiece with preprogrammed curves for all common processes or completely indivudual with an optional curve generator
    • Significant increase in output compared to conventionally driven presses thanks to pendular stroke mode
    • The play and oil-free drive train ensures precision and process reliability
    • The energy-efficient overall concept cuts electrical power consumption by more than 50 percent
    • Integrated maintenance plan with innovative condition monitoring


    Stamping press CSP 100 with ServoDirect Technology, 1,000 kN and one connecting rod

    Doppelpleuel-Stanzautomat MSP 200 mit ServoDirekt Technologie und 2.000 kN Presskraft

    Innovation award of the central Switzerland chamber of commerce and industry 2016
    Automatic blanking press MC 2000 with ServoDirect Technology


    Stamping presses with ServoDirect Technology