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    Model CSP 100 MSP 200
    Range of application Parts for the automotive, commercial vehicle and components industry, construction-related industry, domestic appliances industry, electrical and electronics components industry
    Press force 1,000 kN 2,000 kN
    Bed dimension 660 x 950 mm 1.100 x 1.800 mm
    Material feeding Manual or automatic operation Automatic operation
    Drive Knuckle-joint drive with internal torque motor, oil- and play-free drive train
    • Easy and intuitive operation by a touchscreen
    • Preprogrammed slide motion curves for forming, cutting, embossing, bending or drawing operations
    Service / maintenance Condition-based maintenance by permanent monitoring of the roller bearings (condition monitoring)

    Optional equipment

    • Curve generator for free programming of the slide movement
    • Exhaust valve
    • Hydraulic tool clamping
    • Integrated workplace lighting
    • Dampening elements for vibration compensation