Servo presses in tie rod design


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    Servo presses in tie rod design are driven directly by torque motors. They deliver high torque values and are the right drive for dynamic forming processes. The lack of a flywheel and clutch / brake combination makes the presses flexible, energy efficient and reduces the maintenance required.
    The pendular stroke mode is exceedingly energy efficient and permits operator-programmable slide strokes without any additional mechanical stroke adjustment. In addition, the pendular mode results in significantly higher stroke rates. Thanks to the operator-programmable time / travel motion sequences as well as the ability to provide rest times for in-die functions, processes such as welding and lasering can be integrated reliably into the press cycle.
    Schuler builds servo presses in tie rod design, with forces of 8,000 kN, 10,000 kN, 11,000 kN, 12,500 kN, 16,000 kN, 20,000 kN, 25,000 kN and 32,000 kN.

    Your advantages

    • Maximum production flexibility due to user-programmable stroke heights and motion sequences
    • Output boost compared to conventional mechanical presses
    • Greater parts quality and die life with movement profiles optimally adapted to the specific forming requirements
    • Best suited for processing high-strength steels
    • High availability due to long service life and low maintenance requirements
    • Shorter die change times due to setup and try-out functions


    Servo press in tie rod design. Press force: 16,000 kN
    Servo press in tie rod design. Press force: 16,000 kN
    Highly dynamic torque motors
    Flexible tryout with handwheel


    Servo press TSD 1600