Hydraulic press lines - flexible stamping


    Hydraulic press lines are mainly used to manufacture a wide variety of parts in small to medium lot sizes. Depending on the required forming operations, the line typically consists of four to six single presses. The production process is fully automated from the blank to the finished component. Depending on requirements, automation is provided by conventional robots or Crossbar Robots developed by Schuler.
    The control and graphic display for hydraulic press lines offer the operator uniform, user-friendly operation, efficient fault diagnostics and the management of all process and die data for all presses and automation.


    Your advantages

    • Flexibility in the forming process
    • Ease of maintenance and assembly thanks to block hydraulics
    • Schuler’s dynamic cylinder mode switching and ring valve technology increases production rates
    • Automation for tooling and dies to ensure fast changeovers
    • Precise slide guiding and rigid press frame
    • Uniform control concept
    • User-friendly operation and efficient fault diagnostics
    • Fast start-up of new die sets


    Hydraulic press lines for manufacturing aluminum parts

    Hydraulic press line with destacker/blankloader