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    Range of application flexible high-volume manufacturing of auto body components
    Bed dimensions
    (l x w)

    2.80 x 1.60 m - 5.40 x 2.50 m
    Total capacity 16,000 (with 4 presses) – 100,000 kN (with 6 presses)
    Drive hydraulic
    Material feeding blankloader, if required with blank washer, lubrication unit, and centering station
    Parts transfer robots, feeders, linear transfer, or crossbar robots

    Optional equipment

    • Automated blankloader with blankwasher and lubrication unit
    • Die change system
    • Optical centering station
    • Bed and slide cushion
    • Master Control
    • Finished part stacking system


    Hydraulic press line with blankloader and robot automation