Plant Photo of Beutler Nova AG in Gettnau, Schwitzerland

    Beutler Nova, Gettnau, Switzerland

    Mailing address

    Beutler Nova AG
    Hofmatt 4
    6142 Gettnau

    Tel.: +41 (41) 9 72 75-75

    Service Compact Presses
    Tel.: +41 (41) 9 72 75-40

    How to find us


    Adrian Achermann

    Core competencies

    The product lines of Beutler Nova AG include high-performance and economical compact press solutions.  Up to 60 C-frame presses and straight-side blanking cells are delivered annually to customers in the automotive supplier, consumer electronics and household appliance, and canning sectors as well sub-supply components for the construction sector.  Starting from a proven and reliable basic program Beutler Nova has the ability to individually optimize its equipment by means of modular construction system.  In this way, customers can choose the best solution for their equipment needs in terms of part feeding, transfer system, scrap removal and other peripherals. 
    Beutler Nova AG also offers comprehensive services such as design and consultation, planning and engineering, start-up, maintenance, training, production assistance as well as the delivery of turnkey manufacturing lines.