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    Stamping presses


    Stamping presses are standard machines with an extensive range of basic equipment for stamping classic sheet metal parts off the coil. In the range from 1,250 to 5,000 kN, they represent a cost-effective solution for manufacturing components at a high production rate. The CCS press control is especially simple to operate and offers interface points for the integration of auxiliary equipment.

    Your advantages

    • long die life thanks to stress-relief annealed frame and low table deflection
    • long guided slideways absorb eccentric forces and slide loads and permit the processing of high-strength steels
    • the contrarotating transverse shafts compensate lateral rotational forces
    • the changeover of cams, stroke length, slide position and tool protection is automatic
    • protection of machine and die due to infinetly variable overload protection
    • user-friendly control unit with 12” Touchscreen, web-based and equipped with PLC interfaces


    Twin-rod automatic blanking press MC 3000
    Control unit


    Automatic blanking press MC 2000