Hydraulic tryout presses


    Whether as a die spotting press or conventional tryout press, hydraulic presses are best suited for use in die testing and start-up before volume production begins.

    During tryout, the press operator has the fully capacity of the press available, allowing him to perform precisly controlled closings of the upper and lower dies.

    Regarding size, capacity, performance specifications and detailed equipment options, Schuler hydraulic tryout presses are adaptable to requirements for die testing, tryout and pilot production runs.

    Your advantages

    • Programmable speeds and forces
    • Slide return stroke possible at any point on stroke
    • Joystick allows delicate control of slide motion
    • Full-rated capacity available over the entire stroke
    • Simple adustment to differing die heights
    • Double-and single-action operation in a single press


    Tool shop with tryout press
    Die testing and start-up center with hydraulic tryout presses