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    Mechanical ProgDie presses


    As with all progressive die presses, the material transport is provided by the feed of the coil line. Finished parts are seperated from the coil strip only on the last stroke.

    Our ProgDie presses achieve stroking rates up to 60 spm, available as link drive presses in capacities from 708.1 to 3.596.9 tons. Eccentric drive presses, on the other land, have capacities from 708.1 to 2.810.1 tons. The superior of the press guarantees extreme part accuracy.

    Your advantages

    • Extreme part accuracy
    • High levels of uptime and low die wear
    • Low cost for finish processing
    • High levels of process reliability
    • High production rates


    Only in the last operation is the part separated from the coil strip.
    Placement of the die on the moving bolster.