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    Servo press lines


    Schuler press lines with ServoDirect technology are fast, compact and flexible. Equipped with the Schuler blankloader, crossbar feeder and end-of-line system, the press lines are characterized by high productivity and quality at the same time as short die and tooling change times. With this combination, Schuler is making a decisive contribution to lowering the unit costs of parts, and thus the economic efficiency of press shops.
    For optimum adaptation to the sizes and specific requirements of components, Schuler now offers the press lines with ServoDirect technology in two configurations according to requirements: Schuler ServoLine L and Schuler-ServoLine XL.
    The stroke rate of the press for large components,ServoLine18 XL, has been increased from 17 to 18, while the stroke rate of the ServoLine23 L is 23.

    Your advantages

    • Very high output
    • High level of flexibility
    • Reduction in part unit costs
    • Slide movement freely programmable
    • Optimum adaptation to various forming processes
    • Automation with the latest generation blank loader and crossbar feeder
    • Compact design of the press line
    • Fully-automatic die and tooling change in three minutes
    • Only one set of tooling for each press gap
    • Die tryout possible with hand wheel function
    • User-friendly user interfaces
    • Ergonomic parts outfeed
    • Easy-to-maintain technology, because there is no flywheel, clutch and brake


    Servo press line with blankloader and Crossbar Feeder automation