Press blanking lines


    Press blanking lines

    Blanking lines equipped with servo-presses to manufacture shaped blanks are becoming the mainstream solution.  Schuler’s ServoDirect Technology adapts the press’ slide motion to each die.  This method significantly increases both production rates and die service life.  In addition, lines using this technology are ideally equipped to process the widest variety of material, such as aluminum or high-strength steels.  Even surface-sensitive material can be processed safely on the same line at the highest production rates.

    Your advantages

    • Ideal for the production of shaped blanks ‚
    • High output rates – up to 105 strokes per minute
    • Choice of tonnage – 6,300 up to 12,500 kN
    • High level of automation
    • Gentle on the die thanks to ServoDirect Technology ‚
    • Proven technology


    Blanking line with ServoDirect Press Technology

    Servo press blanking line for processing steel and aluminum


    Blanking line with ServoDirect Technology

    Blanking line with servo press for processing steel and aluminum