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    Circular Notchmaster


    Lines with spider automation, “Circular Notchmaster,” are designed for the manufacture of blanks with a diameter up to about 1,000 mm. The basis of the line is formed by notching presses with servo indexing device and workpiece feeding using revolving transfer method. Independent of the part families being manufactured the stations of the line can be equipped with one or two notching presses and/or service hole punching. Pick-up of the blank from the stack is fully automated and blanks are loaded into the notching press and unloaded after notching (Continuous Flow). Loading and unloading take place in the shortest possible cycle times in the revolving transfer method. The stations can be variously equipped depending on the requirements and the operating conditions. The preferred method for destacking and unloading method is the stacking mandrel magazine.

    Your advantages

    •  Shortest possible cycle times
    • Fast changovers of stacking mandrels by means of indexing plate
    • Highly economical operation for workpiece diameters up to approx 1,000 mm
    • Gentle, reliable handling of the laminations on stacking mandrels
    • Shortest possible changeover times


    Rotary spider model with automated stack changeovers
    Detail view