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    Horizontal coin minting presses


    Schuler MRH horizontal coin minting presses are used exclusively in the processing of round blanks.  With cycle times of up to 850 strokes per minute, this MRH press series is especially well suited for high volume minting of coins.  The small number of coin-specific change parts ensures fast changeover times and broad flexibility of application.  Worldwide, Schuler is the sole supplier of this system.

    Your advantages

    • High stroking rates, i.e. short cycle times
    • Long service life of the coining punch due to the fixed connection of coining punch and slide
    • Link drive with counterbalance of masses
    • Installation without special foundation requirements because the press is mounted on vibration-dampening elements
    • High efficiency due to a reliable transport system from blank feeding to exit-side ejection of coins


    Horizontal minting press MRH for round coins
    Die space for horizontal coin minting press
    Operating principle of a horizontal coin minting press MRH