Hot stamping presses with PCH flex Technology


    More Performance pays off: Schuler’s hot stamping presses and press line concepts with PCH flex technology guarantee superior quality, reliability and cutting-edge for your business success.

    Schuler’s objective is always to raise the productivity of its machines and thus sharpen your competitive edge. The common method of raising machine productivity in hotstamping is multiple part production. In conventional press hardening processes this leads to longer cycle times, varying component tolerances and increased or varying die wear. In order to master this challenge, Schuler analyzed all requirements of a fast yet flexible press hardening process. The result is as ingenious as it is simple: an hydraulic cushion and the suitable die. The improved PCH flex technology finally allows top-quality multiple part production – while maintaining the same high output level (up to 60 parts/min!) and reproducible part quality.

    Your advantages

    • Top-quality multiple part production thanks to PCH flex with high output levels and reproducible part quality
    • Optimum force distribution within the die, on the component, and within the multiple dies
    • Shorter die set-up times, no subsequent spotting or shimming of multiple dies required
    • No additional maintenance needs and no complicated operation, thanks to the simple functionality of the new PCH flex technology
    • With only minor modification, dies can be easily used on older presses
    • Conventional and existing dies can be used on the new press with PCH


    Top-quality multiple part production with improved PCH flex technology.