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    Linear hammers with Servo Technology (KGE series)


    The newly developed and patented drive system for down stroking hammers impresses with maximum impact accuracy, in particular in highly sensitive forging processes or demanding customer requirements. The non-contact linear drive is almost wear-free, extremely dynamic and offers the possibility of flexible stroke control. This means the machine can be adapted to the requirements of the forging process with the maximum degree of effectiveness.

    Your advantages

    • Best energy efficiency compared to conventional hammers
    • Increased machine availability due to low-maintenance drive
    • Non-contact drive does not cause any mech. / hydr. wear
    • Flexible stroke control
    • Ability to optimize the forging process
    • Setup and press functions can be carried out without additional drive elements
    • High repeat accuracy of the slide kinematics
    • Improved automation capability
    • Higher impact frequency


    Linear hammer with Servo Technology

    Linear hammer with Servo Technology

    • Hot forging
    • Warm forging
    • Cold forging