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    Counterblow hammers (Bêché HG and DG series)


    BÊCHÉ counterblow hammers are predominantly used for manufacturing large and ultra-large forgings. The high impact energy and tonnage of the hammer dies, moving in opposite directions, permits precision forming of large forgings. Counterblow hammers with hydraulic drives are particularly well suited to the medium tonnage range. This means there is no need for a complicated compressed air installation. The DG series employs the proven pneumatic drive concept. It allows very large forging energy levels to be achieved. The sturdy design of the uprights, together with a solid guide system, ensures high precision during forging.

    Your advantages

    • extremely high impact energy and tonnage
    • high reliability and availability
    • high stability of the overall structure
    • high precision with large forgings
    • hydraulic tup coupling
    • long stroke for accessibility


    Counterblow hammer DG 80h

    Counterblow hammer DG

    • Hot forging
    • Warm forging
    • Cold forging