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    Range of application large and oversized forged parts
    Stroke per ram

    up to 1.225 mm
    Work energy 160 - 1.400 kJ
    Drive HG series with hydraulic drive; DG series with pneumatic drive
    Max. blow rate 25 - 50 bpm
    Material feeding manual; robots

    Optional equipment

    • die change systems
    • tup heating systems
    • ejector systems
    • spraying systems


    Counterblow hammer DG l 1 Top part of machine l 2 Upper tup l 3 Upper die l 4 Upright l 5 Tup support l 6 Lower die l 7 Lower tup l 8 Hydraulic slide coupling l 9 Buffer

    Counterblow hammer HG l 1 Drive head l 2 Piston rod l 3 Upper tup l 4 Upper die l 5 Upright l 6 Tup support l 7 Lower die l 8 Lower tup l 9 Hydraulic tup coupling l 10 Buffer