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    Hydraulic drawing and stamping presses


    Hydraulic drawing and stamping presses offer a wide spectrum of applications thanks to their flexibility and versatility. These hydraulic presses can be used as single presses, automated press lines or even as transfer presses for drawing, stamping or coining operations. They are also notable for the high level of user-friendliness. To ensure fast availability, presses of this series are kept in stock.

    Your advantages

    • Attractive price
    • Fast delivery
    • Reliable equipment with high levels of uptime
    • Reduction of unit costs by means of the high production rate
    • Optimal line configuration by means of reliable, standard components
    • Extremely maintenance-friendly thanks to the accessibility of all components
    • Part quality thanks to the heavy-duty design and construction


    Hydraulic drawing press with 4.000 metric ton capacity.


    Hydraulic Universal Press HPX 400