Crossbar Robot 4.0 - Connect for success!


    The Crossbar Robot 4.0 combines proven robot technology with the advantages of Schuler Crossbar technology. This application uses a actual six-axes industrial robot, expanded by one feed axis and the Schuler tooling carrier provides a second axis. The horizontal motion takes place along the x-axis that is mounted on the press uprights. Programming is done at the operator’s panel for the robot.
    The Crossbar Robot can be delivered with new lines or integrated into existing press lines.

    Your advantages

    • Part transport with flexible tooling orientation
    • Component turnover not required
    • Simple, freely programmable component positioning
    • Full tooling compatibility with Crossbar Feeder
    • Single, double and four-fold parts production possible
    • Complete solution including destacker and end-of-line
    • Spacing between presses from 4,5-10 m, no idle station
    • Carrying loads up to 90 kg/198 lbs. (part ant tooling)
    • Production rates up to 15 spm


    The Crossbar Robot 4.0. Modern robot technology with Schuler Crossbar technology in award-winning design: RedDot award winner 2015.


    Crossbar Roboter - Pressenverkettung heute