Multicurve presses


    Multicurve presses are used for testing die sets in the die shop, in tryout centers and in the stamping plant. Equipped with a hydraulic accumulator drive, they simulate the slide motion characteristics of various hydraulic and mechanical production presses. To properly represent the forming processes of mechanical production lines, the hydraulic Multicurve press achieves working speeds up to 500 mm/sec. Freely programmable slide motion curves with a wide range of operation are available to the user at any time with any desired adjustable stroke rate. The 4-point drawing cushion in the press bed is identical to that in the production press and ensures optimal tryout results.

    Your advantages

    • Precise simulation of the slide motion curves for all press types
    • Drawing speeds up to 500 mm/s
    • User-friendly management of the programmed motion curves
    • Reduction of start-up times on production lines
    • Bed cushion identical to that on the production press


    Hydraulic multicurve presses
    Multicurve press in the die manufacturing facility
    Hydraulic multicurve press
    Hydraulic multicurve press