Mechanical transfer presses


    Mechanical transfer presses with four-point suspension are basic transfer presses with large openings in the uprights. As such, the user has the largest possible die space. Presses with link drive are offered in capacities for 660 to 5625 tons, and with eccentric drives from 700 to 2700 tons. Also, Schuler offers eccentric presses with one-point, two-point and three-point suspensions.

    As a systems supplier, we also integrate auxiliary equipment such as coil lines, destacker/blankloader and tri-axis transfer systems. Our systems for press lines are cost-effective, with maximum flexibility and reliable productivity.

    Your advantages

    • High production rates
    • Low susceptibility to faults or malfunctions
    • Maximized uptime
    • Easy accessibility and storage of spare parts
    • Minimal time and expenses for repairs and maintenance


    Mechanical transfer presses
    Transfer press for small and medium-size parts
    Transfer press for automotive supplier that also can be used as a lead press for a press line