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    Hydraulic transfer presses


    These presses are equipped with a large opening in the uprights, enabling flexible stamping of parts using transfer dies.  High output is achieved via efficient hydraulics, such as Schuler's ring valve technology or our multi-mode switching of hydraulic cylinders.

    Press forces range from 560 to 3550 tons, either for single or multiple-slide presses.  Options include one or more bed cushions and/or slide cushions.  Even greater press forces are available on request.  An electrical-hydraulic slide control for parallelism assures high quality parts and safe processing.

    Your advantages

    • High level of flexibility and output
    • Easy adaptation to different dies
    • Programmable motion capabilities
    • Pressure times are programmable in BDC
    • Reliable operation
    • Automatic, fast die change
    • Deep-drawn parts can be manufactured with counter-drawing process
    • Nominal force with each stroke position


    Hydraulic transfer press for chassis parts
    Hydraulic transfer press for seat slides