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    Mechanical multi-station presses


    The classical multi-station press differs from transfer presses primarily the fact that single forming stations can be individually adjusted.  Another point of difference is the externally located blanking slide for the integrated production of blanks.
    Multi-station presses may be single-slide or multi-slide in design and are available in capacities of 2,500 kN (280 U.S. tons) to 60,000 kN (6,750 U.S. tons).  Part transport is provided optionally by mechanical or electric rail transfer systems.

    Your advantages

    • high production rates
    • high levels of uptime
    • individualized adjustment in each station
    • externally located blanking slide for integrated production of blanks


    Multi-station press with external blanking slide
    Multi-station press for the production of precision parts in the multi-station forming process