Soft-Shock is a reliable process for the blanking of high-strength steels. It consists of two components that optimize the blanking process in the press: 1) the mechanical components (mounted between slide and die), and, 2) an intelligent softward module that acts as a supplement to the existing press control.
    The software module monitors pressures and cutting forces (envelope curve display) and optimizes the cutting process in accordance with the relavent entered requirements. The blanking quality is also improved by extruded cutting.  This creates clean cutting surfaces and cutting edges without burrs. Soft-Shock is easily retrofitted into any mechanical press.

    Your advantages

    • Wear on press and die is minimized by optimization of the blanking process
    • Blanking forces are reduced
    • Press forces are reduced and maintained at constant levels
    • Impact/snap-through shock is prevented (no negative forces in the system)
    • Conventional cutting blades can be used,  carbide or ceramic coatings are not required 
    • Reduces lateral wear on the cutting blades


    Soft-Shock – reliable blanking of high-strength steels with mechanical presses
    Mechanical components