Coil feeding system Feedmax®


    The Feedmax, a high-speed coil feed with precise servodrive, plays a very important role in keeping the entire system of Coil Line - Feed Unit - Press with Dies operating at the highest performance level. The Feedmax was especially developed for high-performance transport in high-speed blanking lines. Its range of application, however, also includes universal presses and transfer presses. The Feedmax makes an especially important contribution within the framework of retrofit/replacement application for enhanced performance of any presses manufactured by any of the various press suppliers.

    Your advantages

    • Coil speeds up to 120 m/min
    • Feed accuracy +/- 0.05 mm
    • Minimal changeover and set-up times thanks to user-friendly operation
    • Direct drive, no mechanical components such as gearing or universal shafts, so that wear and time/expense for maintenance are reduced to minimum
    • Freely selectable adjustment of all critical feed parameters
    • Theh software establishes the max. feed capacity in reference to the die.  The die data base created in this way permits the shortest possible changeovers and set-up times for subsequent die changes.


    Feedmax operator's panel
    Feedmax high-speed roll feed