Stacking devices


    In high-volume production of rotors and stators of large diameters customized stacking devices are designed for the particular product range.
    The loose laminations falling from the bottom of the die are in the process deposited on mandrels and moved out of the press in defined stack heights.  Depending on lamination size, unloading takes place:
    • At the level of the bolster plate (directly under the blanking die)
    • Through the press bed
    These stacks can then be placed on pallets in sequence.

    Your advantages

    • Continuous production during the stacking process
    • Time-intensive unloading procedures not required
    • Cost-effective production of high volumes
    • Flexible configuration of the line
    • Short changeover times
    • Also well suited for rotors and stators in small to medium diameter
    • The highest degree of flexibility and economy thanks to an optional segmented and motorized bolster plate


    Stacking device in the press bed with lamination thickness compensation
    Stacking unit: Chain conveyor and palletizing device