Equipment for interlocked packets/stacks


    For the manufacture of small to medium-sized lamination diameters there is increasing use of dies for interlocked packets.  These dies produce interlocked rotor and stator packets of a pre-defined height. 
    For this application Schuler offers a dynamic depth penetration in the continuous running mode of the press operation that maintains a constant position of  BDC over the entire stroking range, thus ensuring optimal packet quality.
    All the required peripherals, such as phase-angle sensor, strip thickness monitors, interlocked packet control for controlled punches and torsional drives, take-away conveyors, and sizing and other downstream units with documentation of the packet height and much more can be directly integrated into the production system. 

    Your advantages

    • Extreme process reliability thanks to precise control of punch depth penetration
    • Consistently high packet quality
    • The flexibility of line configuration ensures flexibility for the use of various dies and fast changeovers


    Continuous measurement of punch penetration depth