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    SMARTLINE - The evolution in electrical sheet manufacuring

    The requirement for energy efficiency and the search for alternative energy sources and drives are some of the most important innovation drivers for industry.

    When it comes to the sustainable improvement of your production efficiency, Schuler’s high-speed presses, electric motor lamination blanking lines and notching machines have got it all covered. Customers around the globe use Schuler equipment to produce rotor and stator sheets for small electric motors, as well as stamped electric motor laminations for electrical machines such as large motors and generators.

    Our tailor-made, customer-specific solutions give you a wide range of production techniques and automation levels to choose from, both for mass and one-off production, all geared to your individual application case. No matter what the solution, you’ll benefit from lower unit costs and superior product quality.


    The high-speed presses in the SMARTLINE series unlock a new dimension in the mass production of electric motor laminations. Cost-efficient price/performance ratios are now possible thanks to the new fabrication processes. For example, the SMARTLINE ≡V 3.8 delivers maximum productivity and parts quality while also providing significantly more die-clamping space. As a result, customers also receive the added benefit of greatly reduced die wear.
    The availability of the press, feed systems, die controller and dies from a single source makes Schuler the only high-speed press manufacturer capable of providing system solutions including both press automation and die components tailored to fit the specific needs of our customers. The system components are seamlessly coordinated with one another to ensure consistently high uptime of customer production systems. This also greatly simplifies operation, maintenance, setup and die change.

    Your advantages

    High efficiency
    • 10% – 30% higher output thanks to the new interlocking die control unit.
    • Servomotor slide adjustment enables rapid die changes.
    Superior parts quality
    • Outstanding parts quality and productivity at full press force over the entire stroke range.
    • Maximum parts precision due to solid cast frame.
    Complex Geometries
    • Electric motor laminations can be fabricated with more complex geometries thanks to increased bed lengths of up to 3 700 mm.
    Highest process reliability
    • Depth penetration control and playfree slide guiding system provide up to 30% longer die life spans and process reliability for complex dies.
    Easy of Use
    • Incredibly user-friendly thanks to integrated control system for all system components.


    Schnellläuferpresse SMARTLINE ≡V 3.8 

    High-speed blanking press Smartline SA-S


    High Speed Blanking Press SA315-S 3,3