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    SMARTLINE - The evolution in electrical sheet manufacuring

    The need for greater energy efficiency and the search for alternative energy sources and drives are among the key innovation drivers in industry.


    Mass production of magnetic steel sheets has evolved and advanced into a new dimension with the SMARTLINE series high-speed blanking press. The new production system makes it possible to achieve an economical price/performance ratio. So the SMARTLINE V 3.8 press for e-mobility offers maximum productivity and part quality with greatly enlarged die-clamping areas and much lower die wear.

    Press, automation and die from a single source: Schuler is the only manufacturer of High Speed Blanking Lines, who is capable to offer system solutions existing of presses automation and dies, according to our customers' needs. These carefully coordinated components guarantee consistently high availability of production lines, thus greatly simplifying operation, maintenance, set-up and die changing.

    Your advantages

    High efficiency
    • 10-30% higher output due to the optimized interlocking control unit.
    • Fast die change due to hydraulic motor-driven slide adjustment.
    Best Part Quality
    • The highest component quality and productivity at full press force over the entire stroke range.
    • Highest component precision due to solid casting structure.
    Complex Geometries
    • More complex geometries of the magnetic steel sheets are possible due to larger bolster plate lengths up to 3.700 mm.
    Maximum Process Safety
    • Up to 30% longer die service life and greater process reliability with complex dies, due to patented depth penetration control and play-free slide guiding system.
    Easy of Use
    • Maximum user friendliness due to the system-wide control system and the integration of the hydraulic unit in the press.


    Schnellläuferpresse SMARTLINE ≡V 3.8 

    High-speed blanking press Smartline SA-S


    High Speed Blanking Press SA315-S 3,3


    Highspeed blanking press SMARTLINE SA-S