Schuler Segment Master System


    The SegmentMaster, using Schuler high-speed blanking presses as a basis, permits the manufacture of annular rotor and stator packets, such as those used in hybrid systems. Finish-forming and material savings add up to cost savings.
    In the SegmentMaster System individual segments are stamped out from the coil and formed into a ring by means of a rotary tool. The system delivers finished packets, that can be directly sent on to subsequent processing.

    Your advantages

    • Material savings of up to 60 percent as compared to conventional methods for rotor and stator packets
    • Simplified handling and decreased space requirements thanks to packeting of segments as rings, that can immediately go on to subsequent processing
    • Lowered production costs
    • Positive effects on electromagnetic properties of the rotor and stator packets


    Segment Master die

    Principle of Segment Master System