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    Mechanical press lines with Crossbar Feeder automation


    To increase the cost-effectiveness of mechanical press lines, Schuler developed the Crossbar Feeder. In press lines with Crossbar Feeder automation, the panel is transported directly from press to press without intermediate stations. If required, the components can also be repositioned before placement into the die. As compared to mechanical press lines with robot or feeder automation it is possible to achieve a significant increase in production rate, as high as 15 strokes per minute. In mechanical high-speed press lines the Crossbar Feeder can also handle loading of the first station press, as well as unloading the finished parts in the final station.

    Your advantages

    • Production rates of up to 15 spm
    • Seven degrees of motion freedom
    • No intermediate stations required
    • One gripper tooling per transfer between presses
    • Shorter distances between presses
    • Fast changeover of dies and tooling


    Mechanical press line with Crossbar Feeder automation