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    Profiline mechanical press lines -- high stamping speeds


    Mechanical press lines deliver efficient high-volume production of medium-sized and large parts. Equipped with robot or feeder automation and quick die change systems, these lines meet the needs of the stamping plant. Depending on the required forming operations the lines consist of multiple single presses with automation.

    A link drive is predominantly used to ensure superior drawing results and high stroke rates with constant drawing speed. This drive design produces a motion curve that can reduce the drawing speed by one-third as compared to eccentric drives.

    Mechanical press lines offer a long slide stroke and thus provide the ability to manufacture parts with complex contours.

    Your advantages

    • Fully automated system solution
    • Fast, reliable component transport with feeders or robots
    • Superior part quality thanks to proven press and bed cushion technology
    • High levels of uptime
    • Process reliability and safety


    Mechanical press line with feeder automation
    Mechanical press lines with moving bolsters for automatic die change