Mechanical presses


    For the household plumbing fixture and applicance industry Schuler offers mechanical presses with transfer or progressive dies, on which products used daily in every household such as plumbing fixtures (sinks, tubs) and electric appliances can be manufactured.  The equipment and lines are designed for a wide spectrum manufacturing, whether as single presses or integrated into complete manufacturing lines whereby processing of sheet metal is only a part of the larger process.

    Mechanical presses are noted for high production rates and superior part quality thereby providing a high degree of cost-effective production in the press shop or stamping plant. 

    Your advantages

    • High production rates
    • High levels of uptime
    • Less time and lower costs for maintenance
    • Moving bolsters ensure short changeover times
    • Minimal slide deflection/cocking under off-center loading
    • Modular design of the press series permits cost-effective, customer-specific solutions
    • Numerous options such as drawing cushions, etc. are available to custom-tailor the line to the customer's needs


    Transfer press with eccentric drive