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    Coining presses for the manufacture of heat exchanger plates


    The coining of medium-sized and large heat exchanger plates made of various high-grade steels or other high-strength materials requires high coining forces in the range of 10,000 to 300,000 kN (approx. 1,125 to 33,750 U.S. tons).
    For pressing of heat exchanger plates of widely varied sizes with very close tolerances in the coining depth, Schuler offers coining presses for the complete range of applications with a multiple-cylinder system in short-stroke design.  This system permits flexible adaptation of the press force ranges to all the various geometries and process-related press sequences.

    Your advantages

    • Cambering and/or shimming of the dies is no longer required
    • Flexible adjustment of the pressure circuit, adapted to the various plate geometries
    • Optimal press force distribution and material flow control thanks to preselection of single pressure circuits and the possibility of individualized pressure adjustments
    • Deflection between bed and slide is reduced to minimum


    Coining press for heat exchanger plates: (1) Spacers can be moved in between slide and uprights (2) slide (3) bed (4) cylinder plate