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    High-speed blanking press Schuler Blankmaster SAK 160


    A wide variety of materials can be processed on the Schuler Blankmaster SAK for the manufacture of blanks for coins or circular blanks for aluminum packaging applications.  Processing applications include aluminum and relatively soft alloyed materials such as brass or bronze up to very hard materials such as nickel or special/stainless steels.  Customers today are following the trend to harder materials, wider strips, higher production rates and even the manufacture of bi-metal rings – all of which require higher press capacities.  Schuler has the answer: The majority of coin blanking presses we deliver have a nominal capacity of 1,600 kN.
    In the fields of aluminum blanks and coin manufacturing Schuler offer tool know-how as well as production equipment.  This includes, on the one hand,  blanking dies for aluminum circular blanks and coin blanks and/or coin ring production  at up to 30 parts per stroke as well as rimming tools for our coin edge rimming units.  We can offer the inserts for these tools in steel or, for extremely large production lot sizes, in carbide.

    Your advantages

    • High level of production and efficiency
    • Faster die changeovers thanks to various die change aids
    • Simple operator interface and operator guidance/prompts


    Blankmaster SAK 160
    Schuler Blankmaster